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MemberGate Pricing and Signup

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New MemberGate Pricing Option

MemberGate is now offering an exceptionally affordable way to get a MemberGate subscription website. After months of private price testing we are now formally introducing our:

$197 a month, flat rate pricing option

You get everything:

  • full version of MemberGate
  • installed
  • hosting included
  • custom graphics package included
  • support included
  • all for one affordable monthly subscription fee of $197


This $197 model let's you test out a topic and get paying subscribers on board. So for example, a $47 a month priced membership site would only need about 4 paying members or so to pay for the software.


It has already been very popular in the limited testing we've done. Some clients immediately signed up for multiple sites at this rate.

Please note that there is a 3 month minimum commitment at $197 and it is only available on new MemberGate sites.



Standard MemberGate Pricing Still Available Too

For those site owners who wish to own their site license outright, we still offer that as an option as well.

A MemberGate site license is a one time only investment of $3,995. (That can be spread over 3, 6 or 10 months if you wish). That requires a monthly hosting fee of $34.95 to be on our dedicated servers.

So now you have more options to suite your needs.


Prefer to pay as you go? That's $197 a monthly subscription (includes hosting).

Prefer to own it outright? That is a one time payment of $3,995 and then $34.95 a month hosting.





Option to Switch from Monthly to Pay in Full

In the event you want to switch over and buy the site license outright, then 50% of the monthly fees that you have paid to date can be applied.

So if you had 6 months in at the $197 rate and decided to purchase the site license you would get 3 months of $197 ($591) credited towards the $3,995 due. You could then be switched over and your only ongoing fee would be the $34.95 hosting.

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