301 Direct Mail Tips

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301 Direct Mail Tips

301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets: An inside guide to direct mail marketing!

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This book is a creative goldmine for anyone preparing a direct mail project or offer. The tips, techniques, and secrets shown within can help make your next project a real winner!

Bill Myers has helped thousands of direct marketers and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals. He can help you, too!

Highly recommended! Whether you are a seasoned direct mail marketer or new to the business, this book is for you. You'll learn what it takes to succeed in direct mail including:

  • The Ten Commandments of Direct Mail

  • How to Choose The Right Customers

  • How to Select Hot Products

  • Understanding the Sales Letter

  • Getting in the Mood To Write A Sales Letter

  • How to Creat Powerful Headlines

  • How to Phrase Your Greetings

  • How to Write Dynamic Body Copy

  • Using Words That Sell

  • Order Form Secrets

  • Getting the Envelope Opened

  • Creating Layouts for Maximum Sales

  • Printing The Package

  • Profitable Mailing Strategies

  • Getting the Post Office to Work in Your Favor

  • Maximizing Profits With Back End Offers

    Includes the Direct Mail Project Checklist for a comprehensive 'pre-flight' review you can use to make sure you hit all the bases before you launch your direct mail project!

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    IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD! Order now and download immediately!

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