Our Price $395.00

Membership Site Evaluation & Strategy Call

"Can't see the woods for the trees"... as the saying goes

If you are busy running your site, it can be challenging to see how it should be run

If you feel you are working IN your business rather than ON your business then this Site Evaluation and Strategy session could be the tonic you are looking for

The evaluation and call is done by Tom Cone, CEO of MemberGate, who has over 18 years experience in helping, supporting, consulting and advising subscription site owners alongside successful SaaS media platform: eZs3

The evaluation will start with some background questions that Tom will send.

That information will be used to research things prior to a one-on-one call.

We will focus on missed profit opportunities for the site as well as any marketing strategies or other goals you may have. 

The evaluation will be done within approximately 1 week after the submittal of the background questions.