Upload a Secure Image to an SSL Page


When images are added to secure pages (like a subscription form), they need to be secure images so they do not create an 'unsecure message' on the page

Here are the steps to take to make an image secure:

Upload the File

1. Under 'Utilities' choose 'File Upload'

File Upload

2. Choose the 'Public Image Storage Area' from the 'Select Upload Location' drop down menu

3. Click the 'Choose File' button in the 'Select File to Upload' field and select the file from your local storage area.

4. Press 'Process File Upload'

Upload a Secure Image to an SSL Page

5. The software will provide the url or location of the image. Copy the File URL.

Upload a Secure Image to an SSL Page

Add the Image to the Secure Page or Subscription Form

1.Edit the subscription page. The image will be placed on the subscription form using the HTML img src tag.

Paste the File URL. Add an 's' to the end of the http to made the file secure.

For example, the secure version of the above image location is:


The full image HTML coding will look similar to the following. Copy the code and replace the url with your image's secure File URL.

<img src="https://www.yoursitename.com/public/images/imagename.jpg">