System Requirements

MemberGate will run on any Windows server running Cold Fusion.

Web Host Requirement
While the hosting server technically requires only Windows with the latest version of Cold Fusion installed and running, there are vast differences in the quality and capabilities of commercial hosts.

For that reason, Hostek is our preferred host.

Because hosting is such a critical factor in a site's success, we reserve the right to approve or reject hosting arrangements.

Database Support
MemberGate Content Publisher integrates with Microsoft SQL

If you have existing member data, we can usually import it for use within MemberGate.

MemberGate has been optimized to work with both Mac and PC platforms.

End Of Life Notice
End Of Life Notice

Membergate has had continuous development over the years to keep pace with the ever changing world of software, internet and business requirements Versions have been 'retired' when they no longer meet critical requirements, eg.- security, data protection, card payment regulations... Read More

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