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Preparing Your Site for a ThemePreparing Your Site for a Theme

Ready to switch to a theme? Review this resource which provides some helpful hints on how to update your site so it looks sparkling once the theme is enabled.... Read More

12 Online Business Models - Powered by MemberGate12 Online Business Models - Powered by MemberGate

If you think MemberGate is only for memberships and subscriptions, think again! There are at least 12 different business models that already in use by MemberGate clients From simple stand-alone eCommerce sites using the Shopping Cart, to RaaS - Resource As A Service - where access to a comprehensive set of files like accounts or legal documents or designs are available to members! Check out the other business models... Read More

Determine the Better Sales Page With Split TestingDetermine the Better Sales Page With Split Testing

Maximize your sales efforts by experimenting with multiple sales pages to see which is most successful... Read More

Making the Renewal Process SeamlessMaking the Renewal Process Seamless

It's a fact of running a subscription website. There are going to be billing failures, or lapsed memberships. Make it easy for those members to renew by... Read More

Layout Options for MemberGate Clumps and DepartmentsLayout Options for MemberGate Clumps and Departments

There are now more options when setting the layout of the published content headline and teaser copy on your MemberGate clumps and department pages.... Read More

Customizing the Logout PageCustomizing the Logout Page

Utilize your logout page. Enhance brand awareness or promote products, and thank your members. You can set the message... Read More

Find Great (and Free) Images to UseFind Great (and Free) Images to Use

Wondering where everyone gets fun images to go along with their content? There are great and free online resources to improve the look of your content... Read More

Pay Per View with Limited TimePay Per View with Limited Time

Shopping cart customers have the ability to purchase a view of a content page on your site. While normally the pay per view is available for an unlimited amount of time. Now you can put a time limit on the viewing period.... Read More

Using Flash? It's (Really) Time to ChangeUsing Flash? It's (Really) Time to Change

Flash is going away (and isn't supported across all devices). If you still have flash based videos or players, it's time for an update.... Read More

Facebook Ad ConversionsFacebook Ad Conversions

When using Facebook Ads, be certain to place conversion code on your site to measure how successful those ads are... Read More

Are you ready for the new Google Security update?Are you ready for the new Google Security update?

As reported earlier, the Google Chrome browser is explicitly marking pages that are not https pages, as 'Not Secure'. Not only will your customers think that your site is a risk, but it Google has also changed the way they rank pages that are not secure. Find out here what you need to know and how it affects your MemberGate site.... Read More

Font AwesomeFont Awesome

Icon fonts like Font Awesome can be used on your MemberGate pages. Learn how to add Font Awesome to your pages along with a couple of tips on updating the icon style.... Read More

Release Notes: SpringRelease Notes: Spring

MemberGate sites have had the latest updates applied. Some of these updates are required by regulations, some for security and others for improved software functionality. Check out the newest additions here.... Read More

2019 Release Notes2019 Release Notes

Your MemberGate site has been updated with all of the newest and modern functionality. Learn more about what is included like a new Learning Management System and updated Design Options.... Read More

More Release Notes:More Release Notes:

Check out the latest updates and newest functionality that can be used within your site.... Read More

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