Top Flight Copywriter Services - Exclusive Offer To Just 6 MemberGate Clients...

Top Flight Copywriter Services - Exclusive Offer To Just 6 MemberGate Clients...

List Price $1,495.00
Our Price $750.00
You Save $745.00 50%
Member's Price $500.00

If Your Sales Materials Aren't Working, Then This Could Save Your Business… 

How To Bring In All The Sales
(And Cash)  

You Can Possibly Handle With Simple Sales Messages*

(*For A Lot Less Than You Might Think – Details Below…) 

Good Morning, 

If your webpages, email campaigns or mailing pieces aren't making you the sales and profits you want, then this will be the most interesting message you read all year.  

Here's why… 

You can have great mailing lists and a fabulous product or service, but if your copy sucks  then your marketing campaign will bomb. By ‘copy' I mean the words you use in your sales  messages to close the sale. 

Yes, if your copy is poor then you won't make any sales. And no sales means no future for  your business. Simple as that. 

That's the bad news… The good news is there's now a surprisingly easy way you can use  powerful sales copy in your business, and for a much lower investment than you might think. 

And That's Why I'm Writing To You Today… 

Nick Wrathall, who I've known since 2006, is one of the U.K.'s leading freelance  copywriters and marketers, and has written profitable copy for many of the biggest and most  successful U.K. direct marketers, so he knows what he's doing and has the results to back it  up.  

Is Nick any good? Don't take my word for it… Have a look at some of the comments from  some of Nick's many clients so you can see for yourself:  

'...Nick has written hundreds of winning sales letters, many of which I've profited from  myself...' 

John Harrison ;

‘…one of the best in the U.K…' 

Nick Laight ;

‘…He has produced control-busting mailings for us and our clients across a wide range of  products and services…' 

Mike Chantry, Chairman, Hilite Ltd  

‘…During one full year…an average response of over 2.30%, making some 13,400 orders.'

Jean-Marie Levéel, Partage 21, France (A subdivision of Cosmo Enterprises, New York,  USA) 

‘…always generous with his own creative ideas, enthusiastic, always hits his deadlines – even at short notice… his copy consistently breaks the targets we set. He provides a very safe 

pair of copywriting hands… a five day e-marketing promotion which brought in a net profit  of $33,192' 

Jonathan Pye, Publisher, Electric Word plc 

‘…he always produces outstanding work, on time, in budget, and at a value for money  investment. Nick Wrathall comes with my highest recommendation…' 

Phil Chantry, ActionCOACH 

‘… the results were far better than anything I expected…' 

Dave Gibson, Oxfordshire Press, U.K. 

‘…Our sales conversion rate tripled overnight…' 

Paul Gunter  

‘…he helped us get a 6% response on our first direct mail campaign…'

Christina Fang, Marketing Director, BIOLamps Ltd 

‘…As a direct result of his latest lead generation sales letter for us, we received a 5%  response rate…' 

Denise Archer, Office Manager, Workplace Fire & Safety, London 

‘…His copy has helped my clients boost sales and marketing revenue and they continue to  call on his expertise when new material is required…' 

Joanna Gargiulo, LS Marketing Services Ltd 

And now you have the chance to make money from his direct marketing  and copywriting expertise, at a fraction of his usual investment… 

For a short time, Nick has a special ‘MemberGate Only' offer for you, where he'll  critique one of your websites or mailing packs for only £500 (instead of his usual £1,000 fee). 

Is Your Business Future Worth £500? 

Someone once told me that it only takes one great sales letter to change your life forever, and  I didn't believe them. 

But many years later I know this is true. I've seen it myself in my own businesses, and with  my clients, and so have Nick's many copy clients when they've followed his proven advice. 

Imagine… How would you feel if you had the results Nick's clients have had? 

The secret of successful copywriting is not only writing brilliant words (although this helps).  The real secret is getting rid of the response-killing mistakes all over your copy pieces,  something Nick has helped clients to do successfully for over 20 years. 

And this is your chance to work with him for peanuts, and enjoy those benefits yourself… There's just one ‘catch' with Nick's Offer – well, two actually:

1) You must have a ‘live' website or mailing piece that's already up and running, and…

2) There are only 6 (six) critiques on offer on a ‘first come first served' basis.

Here's How To Claim Your Copy Critique… 

Places will go fast, so to claim your special offer copy critique from Nick please click on the order button

If you're one of the lucky 6 then Nick will contact you directly, and you could be enjoying a very ‘busy year'… 

Yours sincerely, 


Tom Cone,

P.S. Still not sure?
Have a look at the following testimonial based on a copy critique Nick did  for one of his clients… 

‘…He's a genuine guy who delivers more than you expect, while keeping you smiling  through the whole process…I wholeheartedly recommend that you get hold of his  material.'  

"When I first hired Nick, I was pleased to have the chance to send him a piece of my existing  collateral to be reviewed. To be honest, I expected a cursory glance and a one-sentence  reply. I was gob-smacked when I received several pages of line-by-line analysis that must  have taken hours. Nick not only pointed out some practical changes that will have an  immediate benefit, but picked up on some broader issues that will change my whole  approach. He's a genuine guy who delivers more than you expect, while keeping you smiling  through the whole process - how many of those do you come across in business these days? If  you are struggling to get your message across to your target market, I wholeheartedly  recommend that you get hold of his material."  

Graham Rowan, Director, Renegade Investor Academy ;

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List Price $1,495.00
Our Price $750.00
You Save $745.00 50%
Member's Price $500.00