Frequently Asked Questions About MemberGate Software


Let us try to answer those for you...

What is MemberGate?

Before we answer that, you should know that this entire site and everything on it was created, and is automatically maintained by, MemberGate.

No html coding was required, no manual updating of index or portal pages, no hands-on tech expertise needed. Membergate does it all.

MemberGate is a fully automatic site creation and management tool designed specifically for those that want to publish information on the internet. MemberGate is the ideal internet solution for corporate communications, newsletters, associations, and other membership or restricted access sites.

On the management side, MemberGate handles all aspects of member signup, credit card processing, and renewals. It is the 'gatekeeper' to the contents of your site.

What can MemberGate be used for?

Imagine a web site like the New York Times, or NBC News, where there is information available in many different categories (or departments), like sports, weather, breaking news, etc.

MemberGate is designed to create and maintain web sites of that nature. Of course, you don't have to be a major publisher to use MemberGate. It works just as well for private newsletters, association publications, and almost any size corporate internet or intranet site.

I have an existing website. Can I apply Membergate to that?

No. Membergate is a standalone complete solution. It has everything already built in. That includes membership management, shopping cart, affiliate program, content management, discussion forums and much more. It is usually pretty straightforward to simply copy and paste existing content from your site into the Membergate content management system. If you have a very large site with many files in the database, it may be possible to import the data. You'll need to open a ticket with specific information on the database. For example, how many records and what type of databases. They will have to see a small sample of some of the records to determine if there's going to be an issue importing them.

For clients with existing sites, you can keep your current site live and work on Membergate in the background. We will give you the IP address of the new site and you will be able to access it from there. When the time comes to make your new site go live, we will instruct you on how to change your domain name server information so that is pointing to your new site. That way people do not have to see your new site under construction.

How long does it take to get my site up and running?

Once a hosting account has been created, a new site can typically be installed in 2 business days. Many migrating businesses use the IP address to set up the MemberGate site. When the site is ready to go live, the domain name can be switched.

For example, a site could be installed and setup on an IP address 170.01.0100.0, and when ready to go live, your domain name ie would be pointed to the site and the IP address would be switched off.

Once the site is installed, you can begin working on it immediately.

What Payment Gateways are integrated?

MemberGate can integrate with Stripe, CIM, and Braintree payment gateway companies.
In our experience Stripe are fastest, easiest and most helpful

Which Hosting Company Should I Use?

We recommend Hostek - as we use them ourselves and they are specialists in Cold Fusion. Please see this link< for more information about Hostek .

What is the site design process?

Professional site design is included with every Membergate package. The site design team will get in touch with you as soon as your site is installed. They will ask a series of questions including whether you have existing logos, graphics, photos, or a certain look and feel that you had in mind for your logo. They will then present mockups of your site for you to look at. Give them feedback based on that and once you've agreed on a look they will apply to the site for you.

It's important to realize that you do not have to wait for the site design process to be done before working on your site. You can be working on the site in the meantime. They just apply the graphics on top of what you have already.

The design team is responsible only for the overall look and feel of the graphics of the site. They do not do the individual content that you put in, that is your responsibility.

The site design process typically takes between five and 10 business days. You can be working on your site in the meantime. You do not have to wait for them to be finished for you to be putting in content and making changes to your site.

In the event that a MemberGate client wishes to use a 3rd party design team (instead of the included design service), our team will help put the graphic files in place prior to the site launching. The graphics submitted should be in .jpg or .png format and of the proper dimensions. These dimensions can be found by right clicking a graphic on a Membergate site and choosing the 'properties' option.

What other features will I like about MemberGate?

MemberGate includes:

  • built in daily performance reporting
  • over 50 different reporting modules
  • 9 levels of security access
  • 5 levels of management access
  • Master control panel that allows quick change of site settings
  • Automatic processing of credit card charges (for new and renewing members) using Stripe, BrainTree & AuthorizeNet
  • Automatic subscription processing with PayPal
  • Automatic full site, and advanced search features
  • Automatic updating of main index page, and all department pages
  • Automatically create surveys
  • Automatically create calendars
  • Automatically syndicate pages to news services
  • Automatic banner ad system
  • built in classified ad system
  • built in discussion group (you can have as many as you like)
  • 'dirty word' filter (in discussion area and classified ad sections)
  • Ability to customize any page with scripting
  • Plus a lot more!
Is there support available?

Support is included as part of the Software As A Service plan - otherwise it is charged monthly at the prevailing rate for Licensees (currently $40)

Can I Use a different Hosting Company?

If you already have a preferred host, first check they provide Cold Fusion.

Membergate requires the following minimum specs:

  • Cold Fusion 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Can I Import Members Into My Site?

Members can be imported into the software via a csv file. The important fields that must have a value include member email, member start date, member renewal date, member plan number.

Optional Fields include username, password, address, city, state, zip and phone.

Can We Use PayPal?

MemberGate Infinity is now seamlessly connected with PayPal to automate payments for subscriptions and cart items

Sites running the latest version of MemberGate can show the PayPal icon and their guests, buyers and renewing members can choose to "Pay by PayPal"

Upsells and Downsells are also supported

Having integrated the latest Application Program Interface "API" from PayPal, the end result for MemberGate Licensees, their subscribers and customers is that PayPal works like any other payment option: Secure, Simple and Straightforward

Does Membergate come with an autoresponder built in?

No. We intentionally do not build an autoresponder into Membergate. If you're sending out mass e-mails through your server's e-mail system, it is just a matter of time before you'll be accused of sending spam.

If your server's IP address gets labeled as a spammer, none of your e-mails will be getting through to most of the major Internet service providers.

Instead, we recommend service or a service such as They are under $20 per month and you can set up as many newsletter lists as you want with them. The benefit of this is that they are sending e-mail from their e-mail servers. They have a very good relationship with the Internet service providers and an extremely high delivery rate. Over 99% of the e-mails actually make it through and do not get filtered into spam folder

You can use other autoresponder services as well such as 1shopping cart, constant contact etc.

There is a benefit to using AWeber or Mailchimp, however, as you can connect via their API. For example, you can set it up so that new members of your site can automatically be subscribed to an AWeber or MailChimp list that you've created. They can also automatically be unsubscribed from a list if they cancel from a membership site if you want. You can also tie in shopping cart items into a specific AWeber or MailChimp list.

For example, if you tell a seminar or wanted to do a follow up series of e-mails after some to purchase a product. They can automatically go a list that you created just for that specific product. And finally, there is a way to have your affiliates automatically added to an AWeber or MailChimp list. This way you can educate them how to best promote your site with tips and resources through a series of e-mails.

How much work is involved in keeping the site running?

Once MemberGate is set up, it pretty much runs on auto-pilot. You provide the 'rules' for MemberGate to follow (through the MemberGate control panel), and MemberGate does the rest.

It updates all the indexes whenever a new page of content is added, it manages all the user and member resources, even watches over any discussion forums or classified ad features you might set up (MemberGate can automatically build and monitor an unlimited number of discussion groups).

What about adding content?

MemberGate makes adding new content pages to your site extremely easy. You can set up an unlimited number of content providers and department managers, who can use the control panel to add content into the areas that you assign to them.

Adding content is a simple matter of either typing the text or cutting and pasting from widely used programs such as Word and Pagemaker. Then, selecting any graphics you want to appear in the content page.

Following the rules you set, MemberGage builds the content page, uploads the images that go with it, and then updates your entire site with tease copy and links to the page.

Again, you control who can add content pages, and where they can be added.

Tell me about MemberGate's member management features.

With MemberGate, the department and content pages can be in either a public area (viewable by all), or in the private members area.

MemberGate is the gatekeeper that decides what information can be viewed by each visitor, and it makes sure that only those authorized to access the members area, actually get in.

MemberGate's unique security system blocks unauthorized visitors, and can instantly detect and stop password sharing.

Once you tell MemberGate the rules (who can visit what areas of your site), MemberGate does the rest. (It even provides daily reports on suspicious activity, alerting you to users that might be attempting to abuse their priviliges.)

Is MemberGate used for adult sites?

No. MemberGate is not designed for sites that offer adult images. We do not license the software for that type of application.

Is there any special hardware or server equipment needed to use MemberGate?

MemberGate is a hosted solution.
That means we provide the hosting for sites on the SaaS plan with our dedicated server-cloud - (with a fair use policy) 
Licensees hosting typically runs under $30 per month. The servers are Windows based, running ColdFusion and MSSQL.

I'm interested. What do I do next?

Get in touch using our contact page and we'll answer your questions and help you decide if MemberGate is for you.
    You can also join MemberGate Guest Membership and take a test drive with the Demo Site