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Ever wonder how to get something done in MemberGate? The following tutorials provide the step-by-step process of accomplishing specific tasks in MemberGate. 

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Sending Emails through your MemberGate Site using Google GSuiteSending Emails through your MemberGate Site using Google GSuite

Use this guide to successfully send emails through your MemberGate site using Google GSuite / GMail... Read More

How to Use the Tooltip GeneratorHow to Use the Tooltip Generator

When a user hovers over a button or text, more information will appear on the screen. This is called a tooltip. Learn how to add a tooltip to your site using the Tooltip Generator... Read More

MemberGate LMS Overview and TutorialsMemberGate LMS Overview and Tutorials

This course will take you through an overview and tutorials of the MemberGate Learning Management System. Coursework can be navigated on a lesson by lesson basis, or feel free to choose the lessons in any order.... Read More

How to Install and Enable a MemberGate Theme

You've seen the themes, now learn how you can apply one to your MemberGate site. With these instructions learn how to install and enable the theme to give your site an instant and fantastic updated and modern look.... Read More

How to Create a Staged Subscription FormHow to Create a Staged Subscription Form

A subscription form can be presented to your customers with a small amount of fields to fill out in one screen. This is referred to as a staged subscription form. Learn how to set your forms so they are staged.... Read More

Set a Page so it Displays on the Whole Screen

Set specific pages so that the content can be viewed on the whole width of the users screen. All margins and padding is removed. Full page width pages are great for landing or sales pages.... Read More

Layout Options for MemberGate Clumps and DepartmentsLayout Options for MemberGate Clumps and Departments

There are now more options when setting the layout of the published content headline and teaser copy on your MemberGate clumps and department pages.... Read More

Simplify Editing With MemberGate Simplify Editing With MemberGate "Search Box With Suggestions Dropdown"

A Search Box With Suggestions Dropdown to select items from drop down menus (from selecting content pages to departments to product items) by tapping tired of scrolling through drop down boxes looking for the page that you would like to edit, or the item that you want to update, then you will love our new "Search & Select" Feature... Read More

How to Add a Landing PageHow to Add a Landing Page

The MemberGate Landong Page Library has a selection of ready-to-deploy page designs that you can quickly apply to your sales funnel. Saving time, money and hassle. Here's how to add one of these landing pages to your site.... Read More

How to Enable Authorize.CIM Public KeyHow to Enable Authorize.CIM Public Key

If you are currently connected to CIM, for security purposes it is necessary to also connect to send data via Silent Post. There are only easy 2 steps to complete the process and fully secure your customer's data.... Read More

How to Enable the CIM Token GatewayHow to Enable the CIM Token Gateway users: Using just is no longer a secure option and you are not PCI Compliant. It is now necessary to update your account to their CIM option, and to send data via Silent Post. This process secures your site and customer data and takes less than 10 minutes.... Read More

Automtically Publish Teasers for All Recent Articles on One PageAutomtically Publish Teasers for All Recent Articles on One Page

Use this new CF tag to automatically publish all of your latest content in one spot. There is also the ability to add attributes to customize your settings like number of headlines to show or department adjustments.... Read More

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