MemberGate is Dedicated to Faster Support

We have a Ticket System where your email for support will be picked up by one of the Team.
This is much better than emailing an individual as we can provide better coverage

But before you raise your Support Ticket.... If you think about it, the time you have it takes to type your email and for us to pick it up and write back, could be shortened if you went straight to a guide or tutorial. And in the same way, it's quicker if we make a guide for all MemberGate Owners than answering the same question time-after-time

And so here's how to speed up your support:

Site Down?

Contact the Hostek Support Team

Search MemberGate

Enter a keyword on our Search Page. We may have a tutorial which will contain the answer or provide you graphical instructions.

Find the Answer Online - Search Google

You may be surprised to find that a search of "your issue" + "Membergate" turns out to be the fastest route to an answer.

If Searching MemberGate and Google doesn't get you the answer that you need

Raise a Support Ticket

  1. Please read this article: "How To Submit A Support Ticket"

  2. Email us directly at
    IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include your website name (URL)
  3. MemberGate is Dedicated to Faster Support

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