What is MemberGate?

MemberGate is the top of the line, membership site solution. With more than thousands of clients using MemberGate to power their sites and subscription businesses, and 20+ years of experience, its simply the best. You benefit from the proven reliability of having a smooth running membership site. When you invest in MemberGate, you can concentrate on making your business profitable instead of trying to figure out how to make it run. When it comes to your membership site: We set it up for you. We do the graphics for you. We provide superior support to you.

Typically within one business day, you can be logging in to your new, full featured membership site. With MemberGate you can quickly and easily build a professional membership site yourself, without needing a staff of trained professionals.


MemberGate is not a Plugin!

MemberGate is not a plugin
In fact, we are the opposite
MemberGate is not a "free software" with paid plugins ...we are a pay-for-software which includes all the 'plugins'
(so...no plugin management!)


You Get All The Tools You Need to Succeed

With MemberGate, you get everything included. We don't "bait" you with a low price only to surprise you with other options that you have to pay more for.


You get:


Complete, all-in-one solution

For building, managing and maintaining a profitable subscription web site. No programming required, no technical skills needed, yet with the proven power and reliability needed for growing subscription web sites.


Shopping cart

Fully integrated, feature packed shopping cart makes it easy for you sell physical products, digital products, downloadable products, with instant purchase and checkout. Shopping cart allows for special prices for members, secure product downloads, variable tax rates, variable shipping rates, customizable product options (size, color, etc.). Fully integrated with the Affiliate Program.


Affiliate program

MemberGate has its own built in, full featured affiliate program. It handles everything: signing up new affiliates, commission recording, income tracking, extensive affiliate history report, and monthly affiliate reports. Even handles recurring affiliate commission reporting.


Professional Site Design

MemberGate includes a professional graphics design team for a customized, unique look for your site. The included logo and graphic design is part of your Membergate package.


Automatic, instant credit card processing

When a visitor joins your site, MemberGate instantly processes the credit card payment. A welcome message is automatically emailed, and all future renewal messages or recurring billings for that member are fully automated.


Unlimited member plans

Create as many different member plans as you like. Plans can be for fixed periods (i.e. yearly), or for automatic recurring billing (i.e. monthly, quarterly). Even create group plans, corporate plans, and special discount plans (ie miltary discounts, teacher discounts).


Member plans can have trial periods which automatically roll into paying plans. All plans include custom welcome messages, renewal messages, and more.

Automatic page publishing

Adding content pages is quick and easy. Simply select 'add content', and paste in the text of the page. MemberGate automatically formats the page for you, publishes it to the web site, updates all the menus, portals, departments, and archives with your pages - instantly.


Unlimited content departments and categories

Designed to make it easy for you to place content within departments, and easy for your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Departments can be in the members or public area, and content can be 'cloned' into multiple departments.


Search engine optimization

Every page published by MemberGate is fully optimized to get high rankings in the search engines. And with the unique Google Tracker reporting feature of MemberGate, you can track as the search engine robots visit your site - to see which pages are ranked and how.


Suspicious activity detection and prevention

MemberGate stops would be password sharing in its tracks. If a member shares a password with a non member, MemberGate locks the member account, and alerts you by email. Embedded security features protect your content, and prevent unauthorized access into member areas.


Searchable archives

MemberGate automatically builds and maintains searchable archives of all articles published on your site. Links to the archives are automatically added to the final article on portal and department pages. And links to the site search engine can appear on every page within the site.


Comprehensive reporting

MemberGate provides an extensive and customizable level of reporting. In addition to the daily report (which provides a snapshot of the days activities), you can select from income reports, transaction reports, suspicious activity reports, referral reports, pages visited reports, member reports, and many more. All reports are customizable to fit your needs.


Discussion groups and more

With MemberGate you can create an unlimited number of self-maintaining discussion groups and classified ad areas. You set the rules for each forum you create (colors, fonts, filter words, etc.), and MemberGate does the rest.


Tip of the week

Using the 'scheduled message' feature you can automatically send out 'tip of the week' type messages to members as well as non-members. These messages can automatically include the latest headlines from your site, and can be scheduled to go out as often as you like. You can even choose the days of the week the messages are to to be sent, and the time of the day. Integrates with external list server programs.


The look and feel of success

Our designers give your site a professional, up to date look. And MemberGate's easy to navigate design provides your visitors with a positive experience.


These are just a few of the hundreds of small touches that can make a difference in the success of your subscription web site. All found in MemberGate.