Change of Ownership & License Transfer

Change of Ownership & License Transfer

Our Price $800.00

Many MemberGate clients have had six and seven figure exits when selling their sites to other organisations, publishers, corporations and global business operations

Some have even built and sold sites repeatedly

Although the MemberGate license is non-transferrable, in this instance only, we provide a facility to allow for a site sale and license transfer to ensure a smooth handover

Therefore, the licensee must apply for a License Transfer in preparation for a sale

This includes payment for:

Preparation for hand-over and review of prospective buyer
Change of ownership to an existing site license
Transfer of License
Administration updates to emails, contact details, etc
Codebase catch-up (apply any outstanding updates)
Grandfathered Rights of membership levels and discounted support subscription

Please note:

The license transfer to the new owner must be for the same domain name.