Larry Pike Membership & Subscription Initial Consulting

Larry Pike Membership & Subscription Initial Consulting

Our Price $75.00

Initial Membership Business Advice & Consultancy

Larry Pike Membership & Subscription Initial Consulting

About Larry:

40+ years working in marketing and sales

19 years as online solopreneur

Opened first website in August 200

In January 2005 went "full-time" with  subscription website

Interviewed by SWEPA ( now "Mequoda" ) March 2005

Began using Membergate May 2005

Guest speaker at MG conferences 2006, 2007, 2009, etc

Built first MG site to over 6,000 monthly subscribers ( $60k / month)

Built additional MG sites for additional businesses

Retired from full-time work December 2020

Initial Review:

  1. Review current situation
  2. Identify Area of Focus (Recruitment, Retention, Reactivation )
  3. Confirm Budget
  4. Agree Next Steps

(As we recommend 2 hours for information glathering and tele-call, please order at least 2 units)

Consultation Services:

StartUp Consultation

Business Plan Review

Niche Examination

Site Planning Assistance

Profit Planning Help

Growth Bootstrapping

Marketing Plan Checkup

Social Media Strategy Analysis

Key Performance Indicators Setup

Streamlining Your Business

Pareto Principle Consultation

Profitability Audit

Exit Strategy Planning