Third-Party Coding Support

Our Price $100.00

Although we don't recommend you modify the code on your Membergate site, we understand that some sites have had custom programming and modules added to their sites.

If you would like us to try and support those modules and customizations, we can take a look to see if that is possible.

We cannot guarantee to support every customization.  If a project is particularly complex, we may need to send you back to the original programmer.

The charge is on a per-hour basis, and we will give you an estimate of the number of hours required to complete the project.

When adding the item to the cart, you will then need to increase the required quantity accordingly.

Please Note:

1 - We cannot support modules that make direct changes to Membergate base code, and will be impacted by future Membergate updates - we will advise if this is a problem.

2 - When a module does require modifications to the Membergate codebase, if the changes could be beneficial to other Membergate owners, we may be able to accommodate the project by adding to the codebase, but will discuss with you prior to commencing the updates.