Our Price $600.00

Upgrade to MemberGate version Infinity


VERY IMPORTANT: If you have had ANY custom programming on your site that involved MemberGate modules, please contact support at support@membergatesupport.com before you place an order for an update.

Programming which created new modules or programs is not an issue. Only those which may have altered existing MemberGate code. An update could likely over write custom work which was done on existing modules.

When you submit a ticket we can review the situation to determine the best way to proceed.

It is important to specify what had been worked on and who performed the work so we can evaluate the best way to update.

MemberGate will not be responsible for any coding that is overwritten so it is highly recommended to make a backup copy of any existing modifications. It is quite likely that custom code would need to been reintegrated or changed to accomodate new functionality in this release. It will be the responsibility, and at the expense of the site owner to have that work done in that event.

By placing this order, you are acknowledging the terms stipulated here.

After placing the order, please submit a support ticket to let us know which site you have purchased the upgrade for. You can submit a ticket at support@membergatesupport.com