MemberGate Users Workshop DVDs

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How to Take Your MemberGate Site to an Even Higher Level:
6 DVDs of MemberGate Workshop

Perfect for any MemberGate site owner and/or their staff!

Filmed at our recent MemberGate Workshop, these DVDs cover from the basics to advanced tips for not only running your MemberGate site but getting the most out of it.

Whether you are new to MemberGate or a user of many years, there are bound to be features, tips and short cuts that you don't know about. Now is the time to discover the absolute essentials about getting the most out of your MemberGate site.

We share and demonstrate specific marketing tactics that you can apply to your site IMMEDIATELY to see an increase in traffic,  new sign ups and save you time as well.

  • For MemberGate owners (and/or their VA's or assistants) only -

    Don't miss out on profits with your MemberGate site simply because you weren't aware of certain functionality or features. Whether you are a MemberGate owner yourself or an assistant to a site, you are guaranteed to learn specific strategies shown to increase productivity and sales.

  • Learn not only "what" you should be doing, but also "why" and "how" to do it.

  • Dramatically increase the efficiency of working on your site - You will discover tips to making your work more efficient as well as effective. "Don't work harder, work smarter.".

  • Discover the marketing reasons behind why you should be using the full functionality of what MemberGate offers.

  • Tactics for retaining members, as well as getting new ones.

  • Profit increasing tactics shown step by step for you to follow along with.

  • Take your business to the next level by learning features and tactics that other successful MemberGate owners are using for their own business.

DVD #1

  • Intro and Overview
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips for MemberGate Sites
  • MemberGate Departments

DVD #2

  • Member Management
  • Basic HTML
  • Content Organization
  • Tech Tips
  • Productivity Tactics
  • Google Tips

DVD #3

  • Shopping Cart
  • The Changing Internet Landscape
  • Affiliate Program Essentials
  • Customizing Your MemberGate Site

DVD #4

  • Tracking / Customization
  • Aweber
  • Misc Tech Tips

DVD #5

  • More Tech Tips
  • Affiliate Promtion Tactics
  • Site & Product Launch Strategies
  • Favorite Tools / Resources
  • Traffic Strategies

DVD #6

  • EZS3 Overview
  • MemberGate New Features
  • Webinars / Teleseminars
  • Conversion / Retention
  • Continuous Launch Strategy

Highly recommended!

Our Price $197.00