The MemberGate sidebar tag

This page shows how to use the MGSideBar Tag

See example below:

Example Usage

<cf_mgsidebar text="This is an example of the Membergate sidebar. You can control the size, color, alignment, border and padding using the mgsidebar variables." width="150" back="EEEEEE" align=right border=0 padding=4 byline="Bill Myers">

The MG sidebar tag has these variables:

Variable Name Variable Options
text the full text or script to include in the sidebar. The text or script should not include double quotes
width the width of the sidebar
back the background color of the sidebar
align left or right - the alignment of the sidebar on the page
border 0 through 4 - the thickness of the border of the sidebar
padding 0 through 20 - the spacing between the border and the contents of the sidebar
byline optional - a byline (ie name)