How to set up a Department search box

Tom Cone

As you add content to your sites, over time the departments fill up and new members may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of navigating through the articles and information you offer.

Memebrgate offers several solutions to this including the department links, "all articles" index, favourite articles index, related articles and clumps as ways of helping guests, members and search engines navigate the site

There is also the sitewide search tool and I have already posted articles here on the opportunities of using this powerful resource.

Another potential use is to create a 'search this dept' tool.

All you have to do is edit the department number to match the department you are placing the form in and edite the from button text accordingly.

Here's the code to search Featured Articles Dept:

[form action="//" method="post"][div align=center][input type=submit value="Search"][input name=searchquery size=20] [input type=submit value="Feature Articles Dept"][/div][/form]

Here's the form in action:

Here's the code for you to paste into the Code Convertor to convert it ready to use on your site in your depts.

< form action="//" method="post">< div align=center>< input type=submit value="Search The"> < input name=searchquery size=20> < input type=submit value="Feature Articles Dept">< /div>< /form>

Just paste it into the top box and hit 'convert script back'

** You should test this code in a dept first to make sure it gives the results you expect. It's not a Membergate script. Only something I noticed when experimenting with the search feature. Some sites that use the new Verity search feature (which is faster) may get different results **

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