MemberGate Hosting Requirements


When you opt for the full MemberGate Unlimited License, you also need to order Hosting

This usually happens when a site is successful enough to afford the one-time-license-fee, rather than the fair-use limits on bandwidth and user numbers in the MemberGate Hosted SaaS plan

In this case, we will transfer your site and databases accordingly

Plus, sites transferring from other platforms often choose the Unlimited License plan and so need to order up the hosting according to their requirements

Your MemberGate site can be hosted with any hosting company which runs the latest version of Adobe Cold Fusion

Membergate requires the following minimum specs:

  • Cold Fusion 2018/2021
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server


We recommend Hostek as we use Hostek ourselves!

Hostek Hosting Overview

MemberGate Hosting Requirements Hostek has the newest, state of the art, robust Dell servers
MemberGate Hosting Requirements Hostek's hosting is only $21.99 per month (first month free!)
MemberGate Hosting Requirements Hostek has a robust PCI (hacker protection) firewall which all of our site's will automatically be placed behind.
MemberGate Hosting Requirements They are hosting partners with Adobe, the makers of ColdFusion (which is what MemberGate runs on)
MemberGate Hosting Requirements Because of that, the servers are kept up to date with the most current technology

That's why MemberGate Uses and Recommends Hostek

Order Hostek Web Hosting

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VPS/Dedicated Servers for Busier Sites or those with Multiple Sites

We use a dedicated server for several sites and after moving from our earlier hosts, we have had less downtime, better page load speeds and still saved over fifty percent on our previous hosting fees!

Order a Dedicated Server Through Hostek

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