Optimal Camtasia 5 Settings for uploading to your MemberGate web site

This short screencast shows how to adjust the settings in Camtasia 5 to get the highest quality with the smallest file size for uploading to your own web pages or Membergate site.

I create and upload a lot of Camtasia movies to my web site. And with each new version of Camtasia, I've had to figure out what settings will produce the best results.

In most cases, the default settings in the Camtasia 'produce video as' will produce high quality files. But those settings will also create fairly large file sizes - which means they are slow to upload and can suffer problems when visitors view those videos - if they have a slow internet connection.

After quite a bit of testing, I have found the Camtasia 5 settings which produce a good balance of high quality with low file sizes for the Camtasia Flash (swf format) videos I upload to my site.

The video below shows these settings. (Note: these are not the same settings I would use with Camtasia movies uploaded to YouTube or destined for DVD output).