Adding a 'Change User Login Information' page to your site

In most cases, you will want to provide a way for members of your site to change or update their member information.

Doing this in MemberGate is quite easy - if you follow these guidelines.

  1. Very important, the 'change user information' content page MUST be in a members only department. If you have a 'member resource' department, and if that department is a 'members only' department, we suggest you put the change user content page there.
  2. To create the 'change user information' content page, select the 'add content page' option from your control panel.
  3. Select a 'members only' department to place this page. The 'change user information' page can only work in a members only department.
  4. Enter a headline for the page - ie - Change User Login Information
  5. Enter content for the page - something like:

    Use this form to change your email address, username or password.

    Important Note: When changes are made, you will be required to log back into this site.

    Enter Changes below

  6. Enter the following line, exactly as you see it here.
    <cfinclude template="programs/changeuser.cfm">
  7. Click the 'add content page' button, and then make the page active.
  8. Try the page to make sure it works. If the page fails, it will be for one of two reasons. Either the page was put in a department that is not members only, or the following line was not included or had typos.
    <cfinclude template="programs/changeuser.cfm">