If you are the webmaster of your MemberGate powered site, be sure to . . .


The last thing you want to do is find yourself locked out of your MemberGate Control panel.

There are two things you can do to make sure that you, as the site webmaster, are not locked out of your MemberGate control panel.

Follow through on both of these tasks today and you'll save yourself some grief later on:

  1. Set up two admin accounts. That way if you should accidentally lock yourself out, you have a backup account you can use to get back in.

    To set up another admin account, go to the control panel, select 'add new member', and add yourself as a new member.

    Keep in mind that this new account must have a different email address than any other account you have set up (you can use [email protected]).

  2. After you have created the new admin account then go back in and edit that account by chosing "Edit Member Details". Set the "Access Level" to "Master Control". Press "Apply Changes".
  3. Make sure your admin account has a membership expire date way out into the future. If you don't, your membership and access to your own site can expire just like a regular member.

    On my accounts I set the expire date to as far in the future as I can.

    Doing these two simple things will keep you happy and out of 'locked out' trouble.