Check for maximum email field lengths


When displaying a form where customers enter their email address, be sure to make the field large enough to handle the longest email addresses.

MemberGate can handle email addresses of any length, but if you restrict the size of the email address that may be entered in the subscription form, you may be preventing new members from joining.

My experience has been that you can expect most email addresses to be less than 35 characters in length. But I have seen some email addresses as long as 80 characters.

To make sure new members to your site can join, even if their email address is very long, be sure to review your subscription form (content page 5), and make sure that the maxlength = option in the email input field is at least 100.

You'll find the input field for email about 3/4 way down the order form page, right after the country list. When yo find the email input field, find the maxlength field, and make sure it is:


This will allow email addresses up to 100 characters long to be entered.

If you forget to do this, you might actually be preventing new customers from joining your site.