Edit Login Page Help


The login page can be found at www.yoursite.com/members/login.cfm

It is where your members will be directed to enter their username and password. There are various messages that can be customized for your site including the messages a user will see when their membership has expired or if they have been locked out. 

The Login Page can be edited under Master Settings Edit Login Page

Follow the graphical guide below to customize your login page.

If left blank, the below image will be sent as the default lost password message. Enter a message into the box to create a custom email message. Custom variables include:

|username| - adds member's username
|password| - adds the password reset link **important
|firstname|  adds the member's first name
|lastname|  adds the member's last name
|subject start| Subject of email |subject end| - adds custom subject

If using a form of subscribing where the password for a member is not created upon subscribing (like in an upsell to a membership), you can include a link in the welcome message for that particular member plan so a member can immediately create a new password. To add the link choose 'edit member plans' and add |password create| to the welcome message.

The member will click on that link and be brought to a page to create their password. The text on that page can be customized using this 'Password Create Page Message'. Use the variable |password rules| to include the rules in your message.

When the user clicks the password reset link, they will be brought to the password reset page. Customize the message here. Use the variable |password rules| to include the rules in your message.