Font Awesome

Font Awesome
August 16, 2018

Twitter - Font Awesome
Facebook2 - Font Awesome
GooglePlus - Font Awesome
Linkedin - Font Awesome

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is an icon font. An icon font is like a regular font, but instead of letters and numbers, the font is made up of symbols and glyphs.

Icon fonts are becoming more popular, because like regular fonts, the styles can be adjusted using CSS. They are like little images, but you don't have to design them. And they are open source (meaning they are free to use – commercially or personally)!


 Font Awesome Symbol and Glyph Examples

  •    Right Arrow
  •    Finger Pointing
  •    Link
  •    Facebook
  •    Heart



Where can we find Font Awesome?

The Font Awesome icons can be found on this page: Font Awesome Icons

As of this publishing, there are 3652 icons available for your use.



So How Can we Use it On MemberGate?

For MemberGate users, adding Font Awesome to your pages may fall under the 'advanced user' specification as it does have to be added using coding. But with that being said, it is fairly basic and easy code to add.

Fom the Font Awesome icon page, click on the icon that you would like to use

Font Awesome


Font Awesome will provide you with the attribute name for the symbol along with the tag code to use to add it to your pages.

Font Awesome


If you are using the WYSIWYG editor, toggle the editor off so you just have the text box called 'Source Code'.

Font Awesome


Paste the Font Awesome tag where you would like to see it on your page and press the OK button

Font Awesome

Font Awesome



Advanced: How Can we Style Font Awesome?

CSS style can be added directly to the font awesome tag. I will add some basic ones that you might use on your pages for examples.



 Change the Font Color

Font Awesome

     A Red Heart




 Change the Alignment

Font Awesome

    A centered icon




 Change the Icon's Size

Font Awesome

      A thumbs up icon 3 times the size.




Even More Advanced: Using Font Awesome for Bullet Points in a List

Font Awesome

  •    Honda
  •    Toyota
  •    Cheverlot
  •    Porsche
  •    Infiniti





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