Upload a PDF


There are a few places where a pdf can be placed on your site.

1. A file can be added to the 'Download Area.' MemberGate protects this area from automatic file grabbing software and requires the user to go through a "3-click process."
Non-members can see the file is there and can read teaser copy, but they would have to join your site if they want to download it.

2. The file can be added to the 'Shopping Cart' if you want to add a cost to the information on the pdf. The pdf can be uploaded to your site under 'Shopping Cart' and 'Add/Edit Products.' Members and Non-Members would be allowed to purchase the information.

3. The pdf can be uploaded to the 'Resource Directory' or 'Image Gallery.' These areas are available to members and non-members at no cost.

4. The pdf can be uploaded to the Public Storage Area using the "File Upload" utility in your Control Panel. You can then paste the url into a content page so users can download the file directly from the page.

If the file should only be accessed by members: Using 'File Upload' --> upload the file to a members folder --> copy the address of the file. Add a content page into a members department and enter the following code to the body of the content page:

<cflocation url="http://www.yoursite.com/url-of-the-uploaded-file">

This will allow the software to automatically publish the content page headline and teaser copy so that only a member will be able to click on it to view the page. They will in turn automatically view the file uploaded. Please note though, that the actual file address will NOT be protected. If the member were to copy the web url and pass it on, it could be viewed by a non-member. Only the automatically published headline for the content page will be protected.