How to Customize the Favorites Bar

Advanced Technique

The styling for certain elements of the Favorites Bar can be controlled by editing the CSS (cascading style sheets) file which is located here on your site via FTP:

To make changes (for those who are comfortable with CSS and FTP):
1. Download a local copy of the file - wwwroot\my_bar\css\my_bar_style.css

2. Save a copy of it called my_bar_style_orig.css

3. Make the changes you desire on your local copy of my_bar_style.css. Save it, and also save a backup copy called something like my_bar_style_update.css

4. FTP the modified my_bar_style.css file back up to your site. When asked if you want to overwrite the existing styles.css file, click "Yes".

If the my_bar_style.css file on your site gets overwritten in the future, you can FTP your local copy of my_bar_style_update.css to your site and rename it to my_bar_style.css.

If you want to restore to the original styling, you can FTP your local copy of my_bar_style_orig.css to your site and rename it to my_bar_style.css

To Create Custom CSS for the Favorites Bar

1. There is a sample custom file found in wwwroot\my_bar\css\my_bar_custom_sample.css

2. Download a local copy of this file to use as a template.

3. Save this file (or one that you have created from scratch) as my_bar_custom.css

4. Upload the my_bar_custom.css file to wwwroot\my_bar\css\my_bar_custom.css