How to Connect to Send Pulse

SendPulse has a free version which includes sending push notifications. Follow along below for instruction on how to connect SendPulse to your MemberGate site.

How to Connect to Send Pulse

Sign Up for SendPulse

Create a Free Account on

Add the Javascript to your Site

SendPulse requires a javascript code to add to all pages of your site.

This can be added to 'Edit Site Descriptions'

Add Javascript to all pages on the right side of the control panel under Master Settings Edit Site Descriptions

Javascript to Include on all Pages

Under the 'Scripts' section, paste the javascript from SendPulse into the 'Javascript to Include on all Pages' box.


Click on the button

Upload the JS File

SendPulse will provide you with a JS file that can be uploaded to the root directory of your site.

'File Upload'

The JS file can be uploaded under Utilities File Upload

Select File to Upload

Click on the Upload Files option and choose the JS file from your local drive

That's All

MemberGate should now be connected to SendPulse and push notifications can be setup through your SendPulse account.