I have multiple forums, how can I send a user to a listing first?

This includes instructions for the Legacy or Old Forum

You will want to change the link the Discussion Forum points to. Instead of pointing to the Master Forum, you'll want to link to the Forum Index.

The Forum Index can be customized for your site under 'Discussion Forums' --> 'Forum Master Index'

The link that you want to use is http://www.yoursitename.com/members/forum/allforums.cfm

  1. Under 'Categories' choose 'Edit Category'
  2. Choose '|Discussion Forum Link|'
  3. Substitute the link to the 'Forum Master Index' in the Recent Forum Posts area (http://www.youristename.com/members/forum/allforums.cfm)

To show the link in the top nav panel:

  1. Under 'Departments' choose 'Add New Department'
  2. Add a department that is shown in the top nav panel
  3. In the 'alternate link url' place the link to the forum index (http://www.youristename.com/members/forum/allforums.cfm)