Learning Management System Overview

The MemberGate Learning Management System will help you to provide educational or training courses to your members. 

This course will provide you with a full understanding of what a Learning Management System is used for as well as the details of MemberGate's LMS system parts and structure.



Section 1
LMS Features
  • 1.
    What is an LMS
    Learn what an LMS is and How it can Benefit Your Members
  • 2.
    Tour the MemberGate LMS
    Watch a Short Video for a Tour of an example MemberGate Learning Management Degree Program.
  • 3.
    MemberGate LMS Terms
    MemberGate's Learning Management System has some terms that you may not understand. Use this resource for a basic idea of what each of the terms means in respect to the LMS as a whole.
Section 2
LMS Functions
  • 4.
    A degree is an earned reward for successfully completing all of the courses available within the degree program
  • 5.
    A course acts as a container for multiple sections
  • 6.
    A section is a grouping of lessons within a like-topic
  • 7.
    A lesson is the area where the formal instruction will be provided
  • 8.
    A quiz can include a variety of questions and answers that test the user's knowledge.
  • 9.
    A survey can include a variety of questions and answers that investigate the opinions or experiences of your users.
  • 10.
    An assessment can include a variety of questions and answers that provide an evaluation of your users and provides a numerical rating based on their responses.
  • 11.
    Questions to be included in surveys, quizzes, and assessments are created in the 'Questions' area.
  • 12.
    A certificate can be awarded to a student for completing a course.
  • 13.
    Each of the courses can have it's own personal tutor. The tutor can be available for assistance with course or lesson questions.