MemberGate Announces A New Look Control Panel

MemberGate Announces A New Look Control Panel

We are delighted to announce MemberGate is getting a new, fresh, modern look to it's Control Panel

Updating the MemberGate Graphical User Interface - GUI - or as we all know it.. the Control Panel(!) is a major undertaking

...And Steve has been progressing it for some time

In fact, if you look back, you will probably notice the Control Panel has been making steady improvements since we took over some 5 years ago.

It started when we simpified our operation and retired earlier versions, so we now only have to manage one application

We introduced 'shelves' into the Control Panel nav bars, where you click on a resource for it to expand, showing the features you can navigate and use in that section. Also, the 'shelf' would stay expanded on your next visit, to reduce clicks and save time...useful at all the editorial levels

A subtle, but important step, as it allowed clients to develop new habits and get used to the idea of a simplified view, but all the features still being available

Creating Logical Sections

Then we repositioned the features into more logical sections

API Service Settings
Social Networking
Learning Management System

We are now at a stage where the layout itself can be updated, modernised and refreshed

Talking to several long-time users of MemberGate, to get their feedback and thoughts, they said it was:
and "straightforward"

I have beeen using it on a new site for a couple of months, and can confirm it is simply easier to use!

More to follow


MemberGate Announces A New Look Control Panel