Membergate 8 Tutorials

Please note that these turorials relate to an older version of MemberGate.

Support for this version of MemberGate ended on July 31, 2016

Here you can find the tutorials associated with MemberGate 8.

Many of the tutorials for MemberGate Infinity still apply to MemberGate 8 - the tutorials you find here are for functionality that has either been removed, updated or superseded.

How to Change or Add New Member Plans
How to Change or Add New Member Plans

If you wish to add a new pricing plan to your subscription site, here is how to do it... Read More

Can I send email with html?

Email that includes html can be extremely dangerous - and can easily infect computers with viruses and worse - because the html commands can cause files loaded on the sender's computer to be opened an... Read More

How do I remove the search link in the top nav bar?

Instructions to remove the search link in the top navigation bar.... Read More

What is the AWeber sign up code for the affiliate program?

Here is the code to place into the 'List Server Sign Up Code' for the affiliate program: Under 'Commerce' choose 'Affiliate Program' -- 'Customize Affiliate Settings and Signup Options' -- 'List Serve... Read More

How do I change "from" address in welcome emails?

Welcome emails can only pull the email address that is specified in the webmaster address in "Edit Site Desccriptions". It isn't configurable beyond that.... Read More

Can I temporarily remove a payment option from my subscription form page?

Yes, you can remove a payment option by commenting out the code. E.G If you wanted to remove Amex you would use comment tags <!--- the code you wish to hide is here surrounded by the tags ---> S... Read More

Can I add JavaScript into the head section of my site.

You can include JavaScript on a pages within your site. Using this option adds the JavaScript into the HEAD section of your site. Follow these steps. NOTE: Using this adds the JavaScript to all pages ... Read More

How can I change the Welcome message that is sent when a new member joins?

You can create a custom welcome message for each membership plan. Go to Control PanelEdit Member Plansselect the member plan you wish to customize Find the "Welcome Message" field and edit i... Read More

Where is the daily status report sent?

The daily status report is set up to be sent to, which is the default email address. This email address can be changed. To change the webmaster email address on your site: Y... Read More

Is there a time-out message when adding and entering content?

Yes, but the warning is a pop-up message. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, you may not see the time-out warning. To avoid potentially losing any information, you could temporarily allow pop-ups... Read More

How to Avoid Timeout Errors When Uploading Large Files

For security reasons, a web server may prevent a large file from being uploaded directly via your control panel to your site. The reason is that the server is looking for files which appear to be stuc... Read More

How can I change the colors and fonts in the new forum (MG7 and above)?

The styling for certain elements of the new CFMBB forum can be controlled by editing the CSS (cascading style sheets) file which is located here on your site via FTP:wwwroot\members\cfmbb\themes\defau... Read More

When will the Recurring Billing Message be sent out?

The recurring billing renewal message is only sent out to those plans which are set to "non-recurring" billing plans. You then specify how many days, before the plan expires, that your recur... Read More

Can the downloads in the download area be put in a certain order?

The files in the download area cannot be specifically arranged. This area is configured through a 'library module' and are automatically arranged. The site automatically lists the most recent and most... Read More

How do I verify my site for Google Webmaster Tools & verification?

When setting up Google Webmaster Tools it is required that Google performs a 'Verification' so they can tell that your site is indeed yours. To verify, you can either Place a Meta Tag onto your pages ... Read More

Where does my customer enter a Discount Code within the Shopping Cart?

If you have created a Discount Code to your Shopping Cart, and you are not sure where during the check out process your users enter the code, it is done within the check out screen within the last fie... Read More

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