Are you ready for the new Google Security update?

Are you ready for the new Google Security update?
January 10, 2019

One of Google's most important beliefs is site security and protecting users who browse the web. And as such, they are beginning an HTTPS everywhere initiative. As a matter of fact, beginning in late 2014, Google started giving slight ranking boosts to those pages that were secure (https). 

In the time since, they have continued to modify their search results schema in favor of https pages. As time progresses, they are going to continue on that path which is going to give benefits to those sites that do have HTTPS everywhere. 


What is HTTPS Everywhere?

Quite simply, https everywhere means that every page on your website is a secure (SSL) page . Currently, specific pages that pass secure information like subscription forms, the login page, checkout forms, account update pages etc., have been https pages. To highlight the importance of website security, Googles' changes means that all pages would be required to be https.

Google and their Chrome browser are going to increasingly make users aware of pages that are not secure and delivered without encryption. Beginning in 2017, the address bar will include a significant indication that a specific page is not secure. When a non-https page is displayed, the explicit 'not secure' message in the user's address bar will look like the following:

Are you ready for the new Google Security update?


What does that mean for my MemberGate website?

We find it very important to stay on top of SEO so your sites can always be at the top of searches. Our programmers at MemberGate are working on updating the software so that all of your pages will automatically display as https pages. Because of your actions taken to protect your users, your site will remain in good standing with Google and it will be rewarded in the rankings.


How do I make all of my pages secure?

The latest improvements to make all of your pages secure will be available as a regular update for those in the Infinity program. The only thing that you have to do is to make certain that you have a valid SSL certificate installed on your site. For those site owners that are accepting site payments, you should already have an installed SSL certificate. There isn't much more that would change for you except to remember to purchase a renewal for the SSL certificate in a timely manner.

For those site owners that are not in the Infinity program yet, joining the Infinity program will allow your site to be updated with the HTTPS Everywhere improvements. There are many more benefits to joining MemberGate Infinity (including other important security updates and integrated PayPal options). 


Are you ready for the new Google Security update?

  • Better Google Rankings for Fully Secure Sites
  • SSL Certificate is required

  • Increased Security and Safety for your members and users
  • Every page on your site is https

  • HTTPS Everywhere included in Infinity updates 
  • Chrome browser will explicitly indicate not secure pages