Setting Up Clickbank to Process Memberships


Steps for Configuring Membergate to use Clickbank Billing:

  1. Configure the plan on Membergate as usual - you can use both recurring and non-recurring plans
  2. In Clickbank, you then need to create a new product for each plan you want to use Clickbank with:
    • For non-recurring billing plans, you would create a Standard Product
    • For recurring billing plans, you would create a Recurring Billing Product
  3. When adding the Product in Clickbank, the type of product to be created is a Digital Product - One-Time for non-recurring plans, Recurring Digital Product for recurring plans
  4. The Product Category would be Website Membership
  5. The Item Number is the most important part of this - it is limited to 10 characters, but it must end with "-[Plan Number]", so if your setting a product up for Plan 8 on your site, the Item Name would be something like MG Infinity-8.  This applies to both recurring and non-recurring plans - the [Plan Number] on the end of the Item Number associates the member with the correct plan on the site.
  6. Filling out the rest of the form, the Product Title, Language and Image can be anything you like
  7. The Pitch Page URL should be the sales page for the plan which will contain the link to purchase from Clickbank.  There is no need to enter the Mobile Pitch Page URL as the site is responsive, so the normal page will display fine on mobile devices.
  8. The Product Pricing section should match the Plan Settings on the site:
    • The Product Currency MUST match the currency on the site
    • The Prices should match the Prices configured in Edit Member Plan
    • On Recurring Products, the Initial Product Price MUST match the Trial Price in Edit Member Plans, and the Trial Period at the bottom of that section MUST match the trial days.
    • The Recurring Product Price should match the Plan Fee, and the Rebill Frequency MUST match the Plan Length - you will need to convert the Frequency in Clickbank into Days (Weekly = 7 days etc)
  9. The Last Setting on the page is also very important as it needs to go to the module that processes the transaction - the 'Thank you Page URL' has to be set to

Once you have completed the form, click Save to add the Product.

There is one last setting for Recurring Billing Plans which is to configure the Instant Notification URL to process the recurring billing transactions.

Go to the "My Site" Admin Menu in Clickbank, and scroll down and edit the Advanced Tools.

This is where you also get the Secret API Key to add to the Clickbank Setting in Edit Third Party Payment Processors.

For the Instant Notification URL, you need to enter and select the version to be 6.0.

The link to access the product would then be [Item Number].[Vendor] (e.g.