Stripe Users: Why Setting up the Smarter Card Webhook is Important

Stripe Users: Why Setting up the Smarter Card Webhook is Important
June 05, 2017

We know you know this. Getting customers is hard.


The built in automatic recurring billing that MemberGate has is great to keep an active relationship between you and your members. Since it is difficult enough, we try our best to not let outside forces influence your member's subscription to your site. Which outside force can wreak havoc on unwitting members? Changes to the member's credit card, of course!


How MemberGate Already Helps

Stripe Users: Why Setting up the Smarter Card Webhook is Important
The MemberGate system is always reviewing your member's expiration date information. If the system finds the the expiration date is coming close, a logged in member will get a popup message alerting them. This popup message can be found in 'Edit Site Description' in the 'Credit Card About To Expire Message' box.


Also, if it is close to the time to automatically renew the member, the system will check if the credit card has an expired date. If so, the system will email the 'Account Expiration Message' which is found in 'Edit Member Plans' to remind the member to update their credit card (or to manually renew).


How Stripe Helps

Stripe has a function that they call Smarter saved cards. The Stripe system is connected to the credit card companies of your members. When a member's credit card information has been changed, those changes are automatically sent to their details that are stored with Stripe. This allows the credit card information to always be up to date.



Setup so the Credit Card Information on MemberGate Matches the Information on Stripe

Because the information is changed at Stripe, it is then also important to push that information through to your member's account on your MemberGate site. As stated above, MemberGate sends your members information about updating their credit cards, it's important that the credit card expiration date also matches what is in Stripe.


Setup A Webhook at Stripe so Everything is Connected

In order for the Smarter saved cards option to also update the credit card data on your MemberGate site, it is necessary to setup a webhook at Stripe. This process only has to happen once, and I promise that it'll be really easy.


Follow these Steps (or checkout the Graphical Tutorial):



Stripe Users: Why Setting up the Smarter Card Webhook is Important

Once and Done

You do only have to connect that webhook one time. After that is set up, anytime a credit card is automatically updated at Stripe, it will also be updated in your member's account on your MemberGate site. This means, unless your member needs to change credit cards or has a billing failure, a recurring member would never have to update their credit card information or manually renew - even when their card expires.