The MemberGate Learning Management System - LMS


The MemberGate Learning Management System is a comprehensive module that can help you to launch, manage, monitor and certify a complete educational program for your subscribers, members and students

A Learning Management System, more typically known as LMS, is an online service or web-based resource and so it enables teachers to connect to students wherever they may be, cutting out the barriers and expense of travel, accommodation and classrooms.

Typically considered to be more influential and powerful than a passive eLearning Course, where the training is uploaded and the student accesses the material, an LMS allows the program author to monitor progress, apply tests and quizzes to ensure the student is advancing through the course and set other interactive steps as required

When the student has completed the program to the appropriate standard, they can be awarded a certificate

Annual re-certification is part of many Continuing Professional Development programs and is a powerful magnet for keeping subscribers over the long term

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