Using the Integrated Helpdesk

Using the Integrated Helpdesk
March 29, 2017

Running an online membership website means (of course) having members and potential members. As with any business with customers, there are going to be customer service issues that pop up.

Beyond the regular customer service questions, since the membership site is online, there will be additional customer service questions concerning technical issues as well as subscription and renewal issues (which may also fall under the technical issue umbrella).


A Customer Service Helpdesk Ticket System? Yep. MemberGate Has That.

To help maintain and organize customer support issues, MemberGate software allows you to add a helpdesk support system on your website. The Helpdesk is a ticket system that your members and potential members can use to contact your customer service team right from your website. 

Your team can then manage the ticket system through the control panel on your site. There are no lost email messages, or questions about if someone's customer service inquiry was answered. Everything is efficiently maintained and coordinated right on your site.


Using the Integrated Helpdesk


How to Enable the HelpDesk

The Location and Adding the Link

The Helpdesk is already integrated into the software. To use it only requires that an active link is added somewhere on your site (preferably where your members and other users can find it). 

The direct link to the helpdesk can be found on your site here:

Adding the Helpdesk Link to a Nav Bar

The link can be added to a nav bar through a department. There likely already is a department created on your site called Helpdesk, but if not, follow these steps to add one:

  • From Under 'Departments' choose 'Add Department'

  • Add it to an Active Category

  • Set the 'Alternate Link URL' to

  • Set the department link to show on your left, right, top, bottom and/or mobile nav bars


The Admin Side

Your customer service team can manage and answer customer service requests through the control panel. Under 'Helpdesk', choose 'Helpdesk Admin'




An admin member with an access level of 'Site Manager' or higher will be able to access the Helpdesk Admin area


Using the Integrated Helpdesk


Using a Ticket System Definitely Beats Customer Service Through Email

Here's Why:

There are definitely a lot of reasons why using the built in Helpdesk is better than customer service through other methods.


The helpdesk is easy to implement on your site and will definitely deliver an overall better customer experience.


Everything is in One Place

  •  The Helpdesk system keeps all responses in a ticket, thus all replies are organized and can easily be found - even years down the line.

  •  When an employee no longer works for your company, customer service requests are not 'lost' in their email

  •  It's easy to track what has been answered, or what is still an open issue.


Priorities Can Be Set

The amount of attention that needs to be given to a customer service issue can be set - first at the customer level, and then again at the admin level. This allows you to manage the most important issues as needed.


'All Hands on Deck'

Using the Integrated Helpdesk

When using an email system, only one person can reply to the email or work on a ticket. Or if an email address is forwarded and shared by multiple people, it can definitely get confusing to know if the question has been answered by someone else.

The helpdesk system shows when a query has been answered, and best of all allows multiple employees to provide service on one ticket if more replies are necessary

Coincidentally, this can also act as 'research' for other employees who may not know some answers or policies. If the same question comes in the future, they can rely on past responses to understand how to help again.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily collect a listing of questions that are asked more often. This allows you to create an FAQ page on your site so others who also may have this question can find the answer (and decrease the amount of tickets submitted).