What's the Difference Between MemberGate and a Blog Membership Script


With the variety of various scripts out there, it is easy to get confused as to what the benefits of one versus another option are. There is a reason why MemberGate is widely recognized as the premiere membership site solution, and here are some of the reasons why. Specifically in this case versus a Wordpress blog type plug in.

Robust Features

MemberGate comes preloaded with the most robust set of features and functionality available for membership software. Some of the items that come standard in MemberGate (vs. a Wordpress blog type script) include:

  • built in affiliate program  
  • built in shopping cart  
  • built in discussion forums  
  • build in member profile pages (Facebook like)


  • built in help desk  
  • professional site design is included 
  • installation and support is included

    Some blog software try to compensate by having the ability to add some third party applications to fill in those missing elements. The problem is that by adding on third party functionality, it does not communicate nearly as effectively as they are not inherently meant to work well together. MemberGate has been designed from day one with one goal in mind: to be a comprehensive membership site solution. It is not a series of components trying to talk to each other instead each feature over the 10+ years has been built specifically to communicate as effectively as possible.

  • Benefits of Full Integration

    Because of this tight integration, MemberGate has abilities that are not possible using a patched together set of blog scripts. Besides those mentioned in the previous section, some other examples include:  
  • Rewarding members with extra time when a joining member mentions them (Aautomatic affiliate program without the hassle of requiring a member to sign up for your affiliate program. The extra time can be given to the referring member AND the new member. You control how much to give each. All done automatically).  
  • Prefer to have members automatically become paid affiliates? You can enable that as well  
  • Discounts to existing members automatically generated in the shopping cart  
  • Advanced member retention tactics to elegantly handle c.c. declines


    Wordpress is an "open source" software program. That means that anyone (including hackers) have full access to the source code that makes the program run. Because Wordpress is so popular, it also makes a popular target for hackers.

    It is very common to hear reports of Wordpress sites being hacked. Wordpress often issues security updates that they recommend to immediately apply to the site. The only problem is, the application of these updates often results in the membership site script from no longer functioning correctly. You are then at the mercy of the script company to play catch up and come up with a fix.


    Finally, one last critical component is support for what ever software you are using.

    If your site dies on a Friday night and you are left waiting until Monday (at the earliest) before anyone even gets back to you... that is a costly thing for a busy membership site. MemberGate is known for its top notch support. Compare that level to support to other blog script options. One recently let its customers know on a Friday that they wouldn't have support available until the following Tuesday due to a long holiday weekend. So what happens if your site has a major issue on Friday night...?

    That would be several long days waiting for any sort of help. What happens with your members in the meantime?

    When in doubt, give their support a phone call to check on their responsiveness. That's if they even offer phone support. Most don't. Not only do we have phone and support ticket options, but the software is also monitored 24/7, 365 days automatically. We know if something is acting up on a site because the site itself notifies us. Often we can intervene before the site owner even realized there was any sort of errant script or error on the site. We give your online business the respect that it deserves.

    The Bottom Line

    It all boils down to how seriously you are view your membership site's potential. If you build on a shaky foundation, you have a weak structure that can't stand growth. An investment in a strong MemberGate platform means that you are relying on the proven industry standard that many others have built multimillion dollar businesses on.