Support when you need it, the way you want it

With MemberGate, we provide premium level 'real person' support when you need it. No waiting in line, no phone tag, just results.

We do it All for you

When you choose MemberGate, we handle the complete installation and initial set up for you on the MemebrGate Cloud,  including customizing MemberGate to work with an alternative host if that is your choice. We install the product on your web site, fully test it, initialize the program settings, and check out all features to make sure they operate as expected.

Your new membership site is pre-loaded with example pages, content and plans to help you quickly understand the set-up and inter-play between the content management and the commercialization modules. Like other clients, you can edit these examples to suit your own requirements, building your confidence on the platform... as it's always easier to edit than it is to create

After the initial installation and set up has been completed, we offer comprehensive training resources to ensure you and your team are familiar with the power that MemberGate provides.

Customization is easy, simply look through and select the Responsive Theme that you want to use and edit to meet your specific needs.

Premium Level Support

With our premium level support (included at no extra cost for the first year), any software problems you have are handled by our team of programmers. When you have a problem or need our support ticket system is monitored by our software engineers and support staff. One quick email and you will be able to work with someone who understands MemberGate on the code level.

Product Upgrades and Enhancements

Your MemberGate license entitles you to free upgrades and enhancements for 12 months from the date of installation. You will be notified by email of significant upgrades, and provided details on how to get the upgrades applied to your site. (In most cases, we will do this for you.)

Upgrades and Support after the First Year

After a year, Licensees can choose to continue to receive Premium support as well as all upgrades for 25% of their site license. A $4995 site can continue to receive updates as they come out for $600. That is completely optional to you and you are not obligated if you don't wish to continue receiving those.
After a year, Licensees can choose to continue to receive support as well as all upgrades, developments and improvements on the new Software As A Service option - at $36 per month it's a significant saving

Subscribers will continue to get Premium Support - it's all part of the package

Customization and Enhancements

We strive to include within MemberGate the flexibility and power to suit most user requirements, but occasionally you may find that there is something specific to your business that is missing from MemberGate. In those cases, we may offer customization and enhancement services, billed on an hourly basis. Please contact us for further details.

Going the Extra Mile

Wonder how good our support really is? We invite you to call any of our current clients and ask them. They can tell you why our support is second to none.