Adding a Favorite Articles Department to your web site

Here's the quick and easy way to add a most popular articles department to your web site - it automatically updates showing the most read articles on your site

One way to attract more subscribers to make it easy for them to see the most popular articles on the site. See an example of this at

Creating a department showing the most popular articles within your site is easy to do in MemberGate.

Here's how.

Adding a 'Most Popular Articles' Department

    1. Create a Department - go to the control panel, select 'add new department', and enter a name for the department (IE Most Popular), and set the department to have 'public access'.

  • Enter a headline for the department - IE - Most Read Articles on this site

  • Create the department, and then view it to make sure it looks like you want it to.

  • That's all you have to do!


    1. The command that calls the most popular list is:
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      Placing that command on any page will show the most read articles for the site.

  • For best results, place the department in the public area so non members can read the article headlines and teaser copy. This will give them a reason to join.

  • This is a feature of MemberGate 3.30+