How to customise teaser copy for your articles, for SEO, site search, portal pages, departments and clumps

By default when you add a page of content to MemberGate it will use the first 200 characters of text from the article to create the teaser copy for that article displayed on the main pages of the site.

Adding Custom Tease copy is easy.

Simply type it into the Custom Tease Copy field

Public and non-members will never see the actual copy on your main page - which is entered in the Text (or HTML) to appear on this page field

So don't make the Cusomt Tease so different that they will never find the page on a searh!If the |tease

If there is text in Custom Tease Copy, MemberGate will use your custom tease copy. If it is empty, MemberGate will automatically create the tease copy for you using the settings in the department page where the content page resides.

It's pretty simple!