Adding Images to Teaser Copy

Adding Images to Teaser Copy

Here's how to include an image with the teaser copy for articles headlines appearing on portal and department pages. It's so easy, yet adds to the visual impact of your site.

If you visit you'll notice that both of these sites including interesting photos and even animations along with the teaser copy that appears underneath the article headlines on their main pages.

Adding images to article teaser copy can attract attention to the article, and can make your site more interesting.

With MemberGate, adding these images to teaser copy is easy, here's how:

Adding Images to teaser copy

    1. Find the image you wish to use. The image must be in either .jpg, .png or .gif format. The image can be a .gif animation. You can use photos or graphics.

  • Size the image to fit - in all cases, you need to resize the image to fit within the space occupied by your teaser text.  Use a image editing tool to resize the image.

  • Add the Image - Images used in teaser copy will ALWAYS be image 1 in the list of uploadable images on 'add/edit content' page. So on the 'Add/Edit content page', select from your computer, the image to be used in the teaser copy, as Image 1. Be sure to set alignment either left or right (don't leave it set to to center).

  • Enter Custom Tease Copy - Use the custom tease copy box in the "Add/Edit Content" screen to insert the custom tease copy, and include the image. See the image below:

    Adding Images to Teaser Copy

    That's all there is to it.

    Be sure to check the results - if your image is the wrong size it can affect the way the entire page is displayed.