Lazy Loading Images

MemberGate images are optimized to help in faster loading of your web page. This is considered 'lazy loading.' To save on loading time and resources the web page will render when the user needs to see it. This means that the images won't load until the users visits that section of the page.

Lazy loading isn't always desirable. For example, in the below carousel the images do not appear when the carousel advances. If the screen is moved a little then the images will appear.

Carousel with Lazy Loading

The Solution

If there is a function on your page like a carousel and the images should appear immediately using a special class can cause the images to render immediately.

Add a class called "notlazy" to the image tag to set it to render with the whole page.

Copy the code below to use as an example so an image is loaded immediately

<img class="notlazy" src="IMAGE PATH"/>

Carousel with No Lazy Loading

Images by pikisuperstar on Freepik