Add a Small Browser Icon or Fav Icon to My MemberGate Site?

If you have a logo designed for your site, you can feature it on the browser tab, in bookmarks and it can be pinned to your members mobile homescreens

For example on Membergate.com you will see our 'infinity logo' in the browser tab and if you add it to bookmarks

This icon is called a 'Favicon' short for "favorite icon"

How To Put A Favicon On Your MemberGate Site

To add a favicon to your site do the following.

1. Create a small 16x16px graphic or have your logo resized to 16 pixels by 16 pixels

2. Save the file as favicon.ico - this is a special file and is not a jpeg or png or gif!

Notice the .ico filetype

3. In the control panel under 'Utilities' choose 'file upload' 

File Upload

4. The .ico image needs to be uploaded to the root directory on your site

a. In the 'Select Upload Location' drop down menu choose 'Root'

b. Click 'Choose File' and select the .ico file from the local drive

c. Click 'Process File Upload'

Add a Small Browser Icon or Fav Icon to My MemberGate Site?

5. Clear your browser cache to see the new icon by pressing CTRL + F5

Favicons automatically show on the browser tab

Encourage Members to Pin your Site to Home

1. If your members use their phones and smaller devices to access your site, you can encourage them to save your site on their phone.

This is usually called 'pin to home'

You will need to create the different icons and image sizes required by Apple and Google platforms

You then need to add the code to get the phones to save the correct image icon from your site to their device!


2. Encourage your members to "Pin" your site to their mobile to save time

Do it yourself and screen-cap the images like this: