Business Membership Plans


MemberGate Infinity Business Plans

Have you ever wanted to offer a Group Plan?
One where a client could pay for all their staff to join and access your site with full member privileges?
Or perhaps an alliance with another subscription site?
Or a partnership with a society or charity? 

start quoteBusiness Account = plan type
Primary Account = payee
Sub-Users = beneficiariesend quote

Now you can with MemberGate Infinity Business Plans

Business membership plans allow for a primary member who will be charged the member plan fees. They will be able to invite secondary members to subscribe and access the site's resources. The secondary members will not have to pay any fees as they are under the umbrella of the primary member.

The business membership can be set up with custom member home pages. This allows you to customize the resources specific to this type of business membership. Since departments, downloads, and forums can all be set with restrictive access, the business membership plans can have their own custom resources. 

The business memberships are set up similar to an individual membership as far as plan fee schedules, but can be customized to include a specific number of secondary or sub-users. The plan can be further customized so the sub-users email address have to match the domain of the primary user. 

The primary member in a business membership plan can control which sub-users join - as they have to send out personal email message invites. The primary user can also edit the details of the sub-users and control when the sub-user account is active or inactive. The primary member can also set a sub-user to be an administrator on the account as well.

Business Membership Plans

   A business membership is great for:

  • Associations

  • Small Business Owners

  • Large Companies

  • Families