Can I put a Wordpress WP blog on my site?


Yes, a WordPress blog can be integrated onto a MemberGate site.

Unfortunately, we are unable to install the software for you.

As an FYI, the installation of the software is not an easy push button operation. It does require someone that is technically skilled for this kind of installation to complete.

There are also reasons why we recommend installing Wordpress on a different server than the one your MemberGate site is on. Your MemberGate server runs on Windows while Wordpress runs best on Linux machines.

For example many people wish to have "keyword rich" URLs for their Wordpress pages. An example is:

It is not possible to put those keyword rich URLs on our Windows machines but it can easily be done on a Linux hosting account. Linux accounts are very inexpensive (under $10 per month). It is inexpensive because it uses free (open source) software to run as opposed to Windows which has to pay licensing fees to Microsoft etc.

Hostgator and Bluehost are two popular Linux hosting companies that offer "push button" Wordpress installation.

They also offer a big advantage as they can automatically apply the continuous Wordpress updates that keep coming out. Because they specialize in Wordpress hosting their service is more likely to make your WP blog more up to date as new changes are rolled out (which happens a lot).

You can always add your blog to your URL if you want. For example if your site is, the blog could be at

We would provide assistance on how to set up that subdomain for you.