Connect To Disqus Comments


A. Add a comments functionality to content pages with Disqus.

Follow the steps below to connect Disqus to content pages.

Disqus settings can be setup and managed under API Service Settings Disqus

Disqus Shortname

Add Your Disqus Shortname. Visit this link for a tutorial from Disqus with instructions about creating a shortname

Display Count

Choose 'Yes' or 'No' from the drop down list to show or not display the Comment Count.


Choose 'Right' or 'Left' from the drop down list to determine the location of the comments.


Choose 'Yes' or 'No' from the drop down list to highlight the Focus Comments.


Enter a hexadecimal color to set the background color for the comments box.

Save the Settings

Click the button to save the changes.

B. Set a Content Page to Include Disqus Comments

Click on the Interaction heading section.

When adding or editing a content page enable Disqus through the 'Disqus Comments' field

Inline Comments

Check 'Show Disqus Comments Inline' for the Disqus comments to show on the side of each paragraph of your story.

Bottom Comments

Check the 'Show Disqus Comments at the Bottom' box to include comments at the bottom of the article

No Comments

Leave both boxes blank to not include Disqus on page