Content Page Defaults


Set specific content page fields so they are defaulted to custom values. This allows you to set up your pages faster and the settings are consistent across your site. 

The default settings can be set ahead of time so if you always want a Banner ad to show at the top of all of your pages, you can set the default so that field is set to show on the top of the pages. When you add content, the setting for 'Banner Ads' will be set to show on top of the all pages. It won't be necessary to edit that field each time you add a new content page.

The default settings can be edited at anytime so if later on in the year it's decided that you no longer want the banner ad to show at the top of pages, it can be edited so the default is set not to show. The next time that a content page is added, the default for the field will be set not to show. 

**Setting the custom default fields will not impact already created content pages.

Content Page Defaults

Content Page Defaults

The fields that can have custom default settings include:

  • Show Date in Byline
  • Purge Years
  • Show on Department Page?
  • Show on Portal Page?
  • SSL or RSS Page?
  • Show Banner Ads within Content?
  • Show Left Nav Panel On This Page?
  • Show Right Nav Panel On This Page?
  • Show Header and Footer On This Page?
  • Print Page Options?
  • Facebook App Settings
  • Disqus Comments