Does MemberGate come with a built in autoresponder?


MemberGate intentionally does not come with an autoresponder. If you're sending out mass e-mails through your server's e-mail system, it is just a matter of time before you'll be accused of spam accusations. If your server's IP address gets labeled as a spammer, none of your e-mails will be getting through to most of the major Internet service providers.

Instead we recommend a service such as They are under $20 per month and you can set up as many newsletter lists as you want with them. The benefit of this is that they are sending e-mail from their e-mail servers. They have a very good relationship with the Internet service providers and an extremely high delivery rate. Over 99% of the e-mails actually make it through and do not get filtered into spam folders.

You can use other autoresponder services as well such as 1shopping cart, constant contact etc.

There is a benefit to using, however. Their programmers have been very receptive to letting us tie into the system. For example, you can set it up so that new members of your site can automatically be subscribed to an list that you've created. They can also automatically be unsubscribed from a list if they cancel from a membership site if you want.

You can tie in shopping cart items into a specific list. For example, if you sell a seminar or wanted to do a follow up series of e-mails after a product is purchased, the purchaser can automatically go to a list that you created just for that specific product. Finally, there is a way to have your affiliates automatically go on an list. This way you can educate them how to best promote your site with tips and resources through a series of e-mails. has been very receptive to allowing us to tie in with this using an e-mail parser system.