MemberGate Supports Google Tag Manager


MemberGate Supports Google Tag Manager
MemberGate sites can take advantage of Google's latest free tool. Google Tag Manager allows you to control all of your marketing and measuring tools in one place with one tag. 

Google Tag Manager is a user friendly way to store and manage all of the various Google or third party snippets or javascript codes that are added to your site all in one place. The details entered into your Google Tag Manager are added to your site through only one snippet of code. 

Google Tag Manager is quite easy to run on MemberGate. All that is required is to add your Google Tag Manager ID into your site, and MemberGate will automatically add the required code into the correct spots on your site's pages. 

Everything else is then managed within your Google Tag Manager account.

Watch this informative video from Google Tag Manager for a better idea of how it works and why it is a convenient way to add your various marketing and measurment tools to your site:



Some examples of what type of marketing or metric codes that can be added to your Google Tag Manager include Google Analytics, Google Adwords Conversion Tracking and some third party tracking could include Twitter, Facebook or ComScore.

For More Information about How Google Tag Manager can work for you, please visit Google's Informational Page